Breakfast at Camilla House

Camilla House breakfasts which have been recognised with the AA’s ‘Egg Cup’ breakfast award and are designed to provide the ideal start for a day before exploring the many delights of West Cornwall and the Land’s End Peninsula.

All of our meat, fish, eggs and bread are sourced from local producers.

To help us provide a wide range of breakfasts in a timely manner and to ensure we have stock of breakfast items,  guests are given a breakfast pre-order form to fill in for the following morning’s breakfast.


Breakfast Menu

Served 8.00am to 9.00am

Option 1 – The ‘traditional’ cooked breakfast

Eggs: Fried / Scrambled / Poached

Bacon / Sausages / Black pudding / Hogs Pudding / Tomato

Mushrooms / Hash browns / Beans / Vegetarian sausages

or for smaller appetites…

Scrambled eggs or Poached eggs on Toasted White bread / Wholemeal / Granary / Muffin

with an additional choice of any other items


Option 2 – Fresh Fruit & Local Cheese

 Strawberry, Blueberries, Grapes and Melon with three types of local cheese


Option 3 – Other Breakfasts served with Poached Eggs

Eggs Royale with homemade hollandaise sauce served on a muffin

Eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce served on a muffin


Option 4 – Homemade American Style Pancakes

Pancakes / Maple Syrup / Streaky bacon / Mixed Berries


Option 5 – Fish Breakfasts

Kipper with homemade lemon & parsley butter

Homemade kedgeree topped with a poached egg


Option 6 – Maple Glazed Streaky Bacon in Brioche Bun

Streaky bacon baked in maple syrup with fried egg served in a Brioche Bun


Option 7 – Freshly Baked parties for the Smaller or Sweeter Appetites

Croissant / Almond Croissant / Pain au Raisin / Pain au Choc